Room service trolley with built in food warmer tray

According to our research there is a need in the hospitality industry for a room service trolley with a built in food warmer tray on top. We have developed and patented such a trolley and would like to introduce it to the industry.

Our trolley enables you to provide a better room service at a lower labour cost.

The advantage of our trolley is that a full three course meal plus wine can be served in the room and the food will arrive at the correct temperature. This is achieved by the hot tray built into the top of the trolley to keep food warm and drawers with built in stainless steel compartments which can house ice for cold meals.

The food warmer tray and swivel chaffing dish lid is made from stainless steel.

The drawers in the trolley also features special compartments made of stainless steel which makes provision for the cutlery and crockery and even wine. All of which is within easy reach.

The trolley has 2 half round tops which serves as eating stations. These tops can be brought into position with ease and then the trolley is ready to be the dinner table.

The trolley is fitted with custom made wheels with a 360 degrees swivel and fitted with a brake for when the trolley is used for dining. The wheels are centre-mounted for excellent manoeuvring.

In addition to room service, the trolley can be used for serving light meals during conferences.

For more details on the trolley watch the video below or follow the link to the brochure.

Now available direct from the factory.




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